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Megan Meaney - Director

Megan is recognized by cities across Canada as an authority on municipal sustainability. She has been with ICLEI since 1999, over which time she has held many roles in strategic energy planning, climate mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity, as well as sustainability management. Megan has shared her experiences by serving on steering committees with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Canadian Standards Association, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Urban Institute and QUEST.

As Director of ICLEI Canada, Megan oversees the governance of the non-profit organization. She holds responsibility for strategic planning, partnership development, and financial systems. The favourite part of her job comes when she talks to ICLEI members; learning about how they are handling the day-to-day nature of the ongoing quest for sustainability in their community.

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Ewa Jackson - Manager

Ewa has worked with municipal governments for over 14 years in the fields of sustainability, public participation, and climate change. She holds degrees from the University of Toronto in environmental management and political science, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Environment and Business.

In addition to managing ICLEI Canada’s operational and program activities, Ewa is project manager for many ICLEI Canada consulting activities including the current Great Lakes Climate Change Adaptation Project to help build capacity for local resilience in municipalities around Ontario.  She has worked on numerous adaptation and sustainability monitoring and evaluation projects, including those of local, national and international scope.              

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Michael Dean - Climate and Energy Project Coordinator

As Climate and Energy Planner for ICLEI Canada, Michael is responsible for providing support to ICLEI’s Community Energy Planning activities by way of GIS and mapping expertise, data collection, analysis, and research. Michael delivers technical activities related to the Partners for Climate Protection program, including protocol support, technical inquiries, and milestone reviews. In addition he assists in managing and implementing emissions inventories and local action planning projects with local governments. Michael previously worked with ICLEI on the publication of ‘biodiverCities: A Primer on Nature in Cities’ a resource for urban decision makers who want to explore new approaches to achieving broader sustainability and livability goals through planning for urban biodiversity.

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Brian Park - Climate and Energy Project Officer

At ICLEI, Brian contributes to the success of the Partners for Climate Protection network and Community Energy Planning projects, providing timely research and analytical expertise. A large part of his work focuses on building local government capacity for energy use reduction and greenhouse gas mitigation activities. He draws from global programs and campaigns to keep ICLEI’s Canadian climate and energy programming informed, current and relevant.

Brian holds a Master of Public Policy, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining ICLEI, Brian worked at the City of Toronto as a Toronto Urban Fellow and provided support for the development and delivery of cycling infrastructure and community recreation programs. He also completed an internship with the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, during which he researched plans for nuclear decommissioning in the province.

Leya Barry - Adaptation and Resilience Project Coordinator

Leya is responsible for coordinating ICLEI Canada’s projects in the field of climate and resilience. She started at ICLEI in 2008 working with local governments to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions and providing technical support through the Partners for Climate Protection program. Since then she has shifted her focus to local climate change adaptation, and is now responsible for the coordination of ICLEI’s adaptation projects, including the Building Adaptive & Resilient Communities (BARC) Program.

Leya also coordinates Membership services and works closely with ICLEI's international membership staff team to liaise and communicate with members, partners and stakeholders. She co-authored ICLEI Canada’s landmark publication Changing Climate, Changing Communities: Guide and Workbook for Municipal Climate Adaptation and the more recently released, Having the Climate Conversation: Strategies for Local Governments.

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Michaël Houle - Adaptation and Resilience Project Coordinator

As Adaptation & Resilience Project Coordinator for ICLEI Canada, Michaël coordinates the delivery and development of adaptation and resilience related programs and tools. He assists the organization in managing and providing general support for ICLEI’s adaptation projects, including the Building Adaptive & Resilient Communities (BARC) Program. He also supports senior management in the exploration and development of new projects and project funding.

Michaël has a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Montreal, and a Bachelor’s degree in Environment and Development from McGill University. Prior to joining ICLEI Canada, Michaël was the Project Coordinator of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Climate CoLab, a project out of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. In 2014, he designed and coordinated an international contest recognized by the White House Press as being in line with the United States President’s Climate Data Initiative.

Hana Lapp - Adaptation and Resilience Planner

As a member of ICLEI’s climate adaptation team, Hana works with numerous Canadian municipalities participating in the Building Adaptive and Resilience Communities (BARC) Program. By providing research, planning and implementation assistance, Hana helps communities effectively respond to the impacts of a changing climate.

Hana also aids in coordinating ICLEI’s Membership communication, and works with ICLEI’s network of local governments to share best practises, tools and resources for achieving sustainability. She has supported the development of new projects, including the Natural Resources Canada Adaptation Library and other adaptation related platforms. Before working at ICLEI, Hana had experience in the field of international development, and has channeled that interest into numerous projects that tackle the issue of climate change adaptation in the developing world. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from Ryerson University, and is in the process of completing her Master's of Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo.

Christina Schwantes - Adaptation and Resilience Planner

As an Adaptation and Resilience Planner, Christina helps run ICLEI’s flagship adaptation program, Building Adaptive & Resilient Communities (BARC). She works closely with municipalities participating in BARC, developing tailored tools and resources to help them complete comprehensive climate change adaptation plans. Christina has extensive experience in event management, and is also a conference organizer for ICLEI’s annual Livable Cities Forum, which has taken place in cities across Canada since 2011.

In addition, Christina has assisted in developing other resources such as the Adaptation Library and climate science reports for municipalities. Before working with ICLEI, Christina has 4 years of experience working in environmental and sustainability planning. She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.

Lili Gao - Accountant/Bookkeeper

Lili works with the ICLEI Canada team focusing on general accounting and financial reporting. She is responsible for financial transaction processing, annual accounting cycles, statutory and regulatory filings, as well as reports to senior management, funders and governing bodies.

Lili has the Certified General Accounting Level 4 designation, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University and a Business Accounting diploma from George Brown College. Her past work experience in the accounting field includes varied positions in both the private and public sector.

While Lili is usually found working, she can occasionally be caught relaxing in her beautiful backyard garden.