• Urban Flood Symposium & Climate Change Adaptation Workshop
    Basement Flooding Symposium & Climate Change Adaptation Workshop
    Toronto events for municipal professionals

Basement flooding symposium


This summer's flooding in Ontario and Alberta has highlighted the issue of urban flood damages, including basement flooding. They are a recurrent and growing issue for municipalities, insurers, and homeowners across Canada, with damages from urban flood events often totaling in the $10s and $100s of millions of dollars and few communities are immune.

To explore this important issue, the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction is hosting an Urban/Basement Flooding Symposium on September 19th at the Toronto Board of Trade (77 Adelaide St. West) from 8:00am to 5:00pm

The agenda can be found here

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Climate Change Adaptation Workshop


Following the Basement Flooding Symposium, ICLEI, ICLR, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Engineers Canada, and the Canadian Institute of Planners are holding a workshop to identify opportunities to better support climate change adaptation efforts at the local level. The workshop is intended to provide an opportunity for local professionals, including municipal engineers and planners, to discuss major climate change adaptation challenges and how they can increase application of climate change adaptation tools and concepts in their work.

The workshop on September 20th will run from 8:30am to noon at the ICLR office (20 Richmond St. East). The workshop is free and breakfast will be provided for attendees.

During the workshop, participants will learn about climate change adaptation tools and will have the opportunity to discuss:
  • How climate change is considered in your professional practice and what adaptation tools you use
  • Challenges or barriers to incorporating climate change adaptation into your professional practice
  • How you could be better supported to incorporate climate change adaptation into your professional practice, and
  • How to work more collaboratively with professionals in other disciplines on climate change adaptation.
To register, please contact Dan Sandink or Ewa Jackson.
Note: These are two separate events and attendance at both is not required.