• Webinar: Climate Smart Business Data and Business Energy and Emission Profiles (BEEPS)
    Webinar: Climate Smart Business Data and Business Energy and Emission Profiles.
    Perspectives from the City of Surrey, City of Vancouver and City of New Westminster

How Climate Smart Business Data is Driving New Insight and Business Engagement on Economic Development and Emission Reduction Goals.

Wednesday June 24th, at 2:00pm EST


In this webinar, presenters will:

Share some new data: Business Energy and Emission Profiles (BEEPS) are an industry sectoral analysis of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions that provide insight into business emissions by sectors and activity. BEEPS inform community planning around emissions reduction projects and business engagement programs—critical initiatives for municipalities working to reduce community-wide emissions.

Share some stories:  Learn why, how and where sustainability and economic development managers from City of Surrey, Vancouver and New Westminster are using this data to meet community goals.

This  data allows us to identify the potential impact of helping businesses green their operations. It helps us identify the potential impact of key infrastructure projects such as neighbourhood energy utilities and key policy initiative such as waste bans, as well as design more effective programs for helping businesses collectively reduce their environmental footprints.” -   Pietra Basilij, Vancouver Economic Commission on the benefits of the BEEP neighbourhood-level data and analysis.

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Presenters - Names and Titles:

Michael Dean – Climate and Energy Planner, ICLEI Canada (Facilitator)

Elizabeth Sheehan – President, Climate Smart

Juvarya Veltkamp - Manager, Green Economy Initiatives, Vancouver Economic Commission

Norm Connolly - Community Energy Manager, City of New Westminster 

Anna Mathewson - Manager, Sustainability, City of Surrey