• WEBINAR: Energy Transitions in Industrial Legacy Cities
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    Energy Transitions in Industrial Legacy Cities

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Energy Transitions in Industrial Legacy Cities

Date: Friday, September 28, 2018 from 1:00 - 2:30PM EDT

Energy transitions provide a clear pathway for industrial legacy cities to move towards a more sustainable future. The transition can act as a catalyst for economic growth, as munic-ipalities position themselves as hubs for emerging clean energy industries and sustainable manufacturing. In doing so, local governments tackle entrenched energy-related challenges including high energy burdens on citizens, poor air quality, and aging infrastructure.
This FREE webinar is modeled after the urban transitions forum at ICLEI’s 2018 World Congress. Speakers will discuss lessons learned in the transition away from an industrial past towards a sustainable future, and how cities can work together with partners and citizens to transition towards low-carbon development.


Grant Ervin – Chief Resilience Officer and Assistant Director of Sustainability, City of Pittsburgh
Frank Gazzola – Superintendent Energy Engineering, Energy, Fleet & Facilities, City of Hamilton
Sergi Delgado Treviño – Energy and Environmental Quality Directorate of the Barcelona City Council, City of Barcelona