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NEW: Get Ready Game

Get Ready! The Game of Home Hazard Preparednessis an engaging mobile game created by ICLEI Canada in partnership with The Co-operators.
The game is designed to educate homeowners and residents about the impacts of natural hazards and extreme weather, and how people can prepare for these events in their home. Players make their way through six enchanting communities, and are challenged to prepare for a wide variety of hazards along the way. Choose from real world home improvement and lifestyle adaptation actions to collect points and test your preparedness. Watch how your bank account, quality of life, and preparedness change as you invest in resilience. And watch out for chance cards – life is unpredictable!
Visit www.getreadygame.com to play online or search Get Ready in the App/Play store to download the game! 
Get Ready, Get Prepared, Get Prizes!
Show us you're READY! ICLEI Canada is hosting a contest from October 1 - December 1, 2017. All you need to do is play the game and show us that you've learned something about home hazard preparedness! The official rules are below:
  1. Download Get Ready in the App or Play Store or access the game at www.getreadygame.com
  2. Play the game!
  3. Tweet or Instagram a photo of yourself doing one of the preparedness actions from the game, using the hashtag #getreadygame
  4. You will be entered into a random draw to win one of three home hazard preparedness prizes! 

Email christina.schwantes@iclei.org if you have any questions or concerns about the game.

NOUVEAU JEU: Soyons prêts!

À vos marques! Le jeu portant sur la préparation aux risques à domicile est une application mobile amusante créée par ICLEI Canada avec le soutien de Co-operators.
Le jeu est conçu pour renseigner les propriétaires et les résidents sur les répercussions des risques naturels et des conditions climatiques extrêmes, et vise à préparer les gens à réagir efficacement à ces événements à la maison. Faites vos choix parmi de véritables projets d’améliorations domiciliaires et mesures d’adaptation du mode de vie pour accumuler des points et mettre votre état de préparation à l’essai. Voyez comment votre compte de banque, votre qualité de vie et votre état de préparation changent à mesure que vous investissez dans la résilience. Aussi, surveillez les cartes « chance » – la vie est imprévisible!
Jouez au jeu sur www.getreadygame.com ou téléchargez Get Ready depuis l'App Store ou le Google Play Store! 

ICLEI Canada has a suite of tools for communities. Designed to engage and educate communities on practical actions that can be taken to make their homes and neighbourhoods more resilient to the impacts of climate change, the games provide a lot of information in a fun package. Community members of all ages can learn about ways to prepare for extreme weather, from simple changes in behaviour such as coordinating with neighbours, to bigger commitments such as home retrofits. 

A huge thanks to The Co-operators who sponsored the games, as well as to the many people from across the country who helped test the games while they were under development – your input was invaluable! 

When or where to use the games: 

  • An ice breaker at your next community stakeholder meeting
  • At a staff meeting with your colleagues
  • With community members at your next environmental festival
  • On your commute home from work (QuizMe mobile app only – fellow commuters may not appreciate you setting up a board game on public transit!)





Game overviews

Downspouts & Ladders 

A new spin on the classic, Snakes & Ladders, Downspouts & Ladders drives home the message that some of the negative impacts of climate change can be addressed by taking steps to prepare in advance. Choosing to proactively address impacts by preparing can help to make you, your home, or your neighbourhood more resilient and have long-term benefits! However, choosing not to prepare (i.e. relying on reactive actions) can be detrimental… 
Players begin the game equipped with a few action cards that may protect them against impending climate change impacts or events which they’ll face if they land on a downspout. If players have an action card that corresponds to the climate change event they face, then they are considered prepared, and are saved from “falling down” the downspout. Throughout the game, additional action cards can be collected by choosing to only ascend a ladder halfway, representing an investment in preparing for the future!
Initially designed in a “life-size” format, the game is a great engagement tool for community events or schools. For information on acquiring a life-size board ($1975 plus tax and shipping), please contact us. 
A free table-top version of the game is also available:
Download game board - When printing, select "Poster" under "Page Sizing & Handling" to fit board onto 4 sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper. 
Download game cards - Business card size (2" x 3½"), 10 per page, print double sided. 

Resiliency Cards

A take on the age-old trump card style of game, Resiliency Cards aims to show participants that there are myriad actions that can be taken to address climate change events and impacts. While some actions are more effective than others depending on the situation, most actions will be beneficial in some way and in the best case scenario, they will act as a long-term solution. But be careful – some actions can do more harm than good! 
This game puts players’ creativity to the test, as the points system is meant to act more as a guideline, encouraging people to talk through their reasoning, and in some cases even giving them the chance to make up their own actions using Wild Cards! With lots of “Did you know?” information, this game is a great way to learn about the impacts of climate change and actions that you can take to prepare, without needing to read a dry pamphlet or textbook! 
To request a deck of Resiliency cards, please contact us


We hope you enjoyed playing the games and would appreciate receiving any feedback you may have. Please fill out a brief survey.


ICLEI Canada's gamification activities have been sponsored by The Co-operators.