• Benefits of Membership
    Benefits of Membership
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Become part of ICLEI’s network of local governments working together to advance sustainability. By joining our network, you can connect with other local government staff—in your region, around the country, and across the globe—to share challenges, best practices, and innovations. Our tools, resources, networks, and technical expertise can help your city, town, or region reach its sustainability goals.

Membership in ICLEI connects your community with the most ambitious and committed local governments around the world. As one of over 1200 local governments, you have the opportunity to engage with like minded people and collectively take action.

Benefits of membership include:

Exclusive Access to ICLEI Resources

Members have access to an extensive array of resources on local sustainable development, including: newsletters, case studies, training guides, spotlights, fact sheets, as well as policy and practice manuals and frameworks. Topics include: climate change response, biodiversity, water management, sustainability management, and sustainable procurement.

Priority Access to New ICLEI Campaigns and Projects

Members have the chance to pilot new campaigns, initiatives and projects and are given first priority to participate in new and existing campaigns. Members will also receive a discount to participate in ICLEI programs, including our Building Adaptive & Resilient Communities (BARC) Program.

Access to Events and International Networking Opportunities

ICLEI offers local governments an opportunity to participate in national and international conferences, events, delegations, and study tours that provide important opportunities to learn and exchange ideas, best practices, and other innovations with the global sustainability community.

National and International Profiling

ICLEI Members are regularly featured in a variety of publications and our international newsletter and website highlight Member initiatives and programs. As the official representative of local governments to several United Nations processes (UN Climate Talks, COP meetings, etc.), ICLEI also brings the message of local governments to an international stage.