• Ontario Tree Seed Facility Celebrates 90 Years of Operation
    Ontario Tree Seed Plant Celebrates its 90th Anniversary
    Facility securely rooted as an expert in its field
Wednesday, 23 October 2013 18:34

Ontario Tree Seed Facility Celebrates 90 Years of Operation

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Money doesn't grow on trees... but seeds do! For 90 years, the Ontario Tree Seed Plant has helped preserve biodiversity, protect the environment, and support the forest products sector in the province. 

For almost a decade, the Ontario Tree Seed Plant has been in operation - using innovative technology to extract, clean, test, and store billions of seeds on an annual basis. These processes support the growth of trees in Ontario’s public and private spaces. With 90 years of experience, Ontario’s Tree Seed Plant has securely rooted itself as a leader in its field!

Seeds are collected from approximately 50 native species and supplied to various organizations, from small nurseries to large forestry companies. The facility leaves nothing to chance – by providing high-quality, locally adapted seeds, the facility helps grows tomorrow’s forests and ensure planting projects thrive, especially in a changing climate.

As diversity of plant species is sapped and the use of monocultures encroaches on agriculture and planting practices, the use of seed banks becomes very important for the conservation and enrichment of biodiversity. Moreover, tree planting, and general protection of the environment, enhances the quality of life for Ontario families and cultivates a dynamic and green economy for future generations, with the facility supporting tens of thousands of jobs in the forest industry.

Located in Angus, the Ontario Tree Seed Plant has branched out to offer tours for local schools and organizations at no charge. In addition to learning how the facility operates, visitors will be able to see the new spruced up administrative building, which has the distinction of being the first Ontario government building built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards – a rating system that promotes environmental and health protection.

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