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    UCCRN Seeking Case Studies
    Mitigation and Adaptation Leaders Encouraged to Showcase Planning and Implementation Efforts
Wednesday, 06 August 2014 13:31

Urban Climate Change Research Network Seeking Case Studies

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The UCCRN is accepting submissions of case studies for their Second Assessment Report on Climate Change until August 15, 2014. Does your city have innovative approaches to adaptation and mitigation to showcase?

The Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) are putting together their Second Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities, ARC3-2 (for more on the first report, ARC3, click here. This report will include a new feature, the Case Study Docking Station, which will be an online searchable database to inform research and practice on climate change in cities. The database will allow for scientifically valid comparisons of social, bio-physical, cultural, economic, and political contexts of the case studies. 

The UCCRN is accepting submissions of possible case studies until August 15, 2014. Suitable case studies should address climate change risks and vulnerabilities in cities and/or mitigation and adaptation planning and implementation cases from city leaders, scholars, practitioners, and international city organizations. The UCCRN is particularly interested in highlighting lessons learned and innovative approaches. For a detailed selection criteria, click here

Certain case studies that illustrate key concepts outlined in the various ARC3-2 chapters will be featured in the published Report. If you work in a city and feel that you have a great example of mitigation and adaptation planning in action, don’t hesitate to submit it!

Need some inspiration? Check out Toronto’s Corktown Common! A large and inviting park, it serves as both a public amenity and a key component of a stormwater management system, adding to flood mitigation measures in the event of a major storm event in the Don watershed!