Wednesday, 10 September 2014 11:15

Vancouver's Improved Pedestrian Wayfinding System Increases Walking

Written by  Victoria Partosa

As part of the City of Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 Plan, the City’s improved and expanded wayfinding system has updated and installed maps around the city that will help pedestrians find routes more easily and walk more frequently.

The improved wayfinding system is part of the Transportation 2040 Plan to ensure that navigating the city is easy and enjoyable for pedestrians. This long-term strategic vision for the city will help guide transportation and land use decisions and public investments for upcoming years. The new signage provided by the improved wayfinding system is part of the City's strategy to ensure that Vancouver is an inclusive, healthy, prosperous, and liveable city.

Updates to the wayfinding system include:

  • User-friendly maps oriented to the pedestrian’s perspective
  • 210 updated or installed map stands, starting in the downtown core this September
  • Maps will have a richer level of detail, including demarcation of accessibility aids (e.g. ramps, elevators) and obstacles (e.g. stairs) for people with mobility challenges
  • Additional maps, particularly outside of the downtown core will be installed
  • Better connections to other sustainable modes of transportation (e.g. public transit) are integrated into the improved maps

Pedestrian wayfinding maps will improve pedestrians’ walking experience by helping people orient themselves, find walking routes, and connect between amenities and destinations more easily. In a recent on-street questionnaire, 82 per cent of people using the current wayfinding system said they were more likely to walk between places because of the maps.

Below are some samples of the City’s pedestrian wayfinding graphics:

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