• Introducing the newly expanded Adaptation Library
    Introducing the newly expanded Adaptation Library
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Tuesday, 23 February 2016 00:00

Introducing the newly expanded Adaptation Library

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The Adaptation Library (www.adaptationlibrary.com) has been expanded! Aside from a fresh faced design, the site now includes products from other leading institutions and countries around the world, with an added focus on forestry and energy specific adaptation resources.

 The Adaptation Library is a publicly accessible and searchable collection of community, forestry, and energy related adaptation products. The goal of the Library is to connect community and industry users with relevant information related to climate change adaptation in Canada and abroad.

The first iteration of the Adaptation Library was developed in 2013, with only community-based adaptation resources developed through the Natural Resources Canada Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RACs) and Tools for Adaptation Programs being included in the database.

Developed alongside each resource was a validation framework that measured community related resource based on their sustainability, clarity, participatory processes, locality, and replicability. This framework was meant to guide users of the Library on when, where, and how products might fit their community climate change adaptation assessment and planning efforts.

The second iteration of the Adaptation Library saw the expansion of the website to include 100 additional adaptation-based resources and increased user interaction features. In addition to 60 new community based adaptation resources, the library now includes 40 energy and forestry-sector products in an effort to present the issue of climate change adaptation from different focus areas.

New validation frameworks for forestry and energy related resources were also developed alongside an advisory committee to help measure products against sector specific criteria.

Furthermore, the scope of the project was expanded to include resources from outside of Canada, as well as Canadian resources that were not necessarily funded under Natural Resources Canada RAC and Tools division.

Today, the Library contains over 400 resources that range from case studies, decision making tools, and technical and academic documents relating to community, energy or forestry adaptation.  Users can search by region, keyword, and more to browse through and download any and all of the resources available on the Adaptation Library.

Users can also rate and review each product. This function allows users to provide their own validation and feedback on how helpful they found the resource to be, and how it may have been applied in their own work.  Also included in the update is a user upload function, allowing users to upload adaptation-related resources that are not currently included in the library.  Furthermore, the updated "My Library" feature now allows users to create a login profile and save various resources in their folder to access and consult at a later date.

Check out the Adaptation Library for yourself and upload or review a resource!