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The PCP Milestone Tool was developed by ICLEI Canada as a resource to support PCP members in their GHG emissions reduction activities. PCP is a partnership between ICLEI and FCM.

This web-based resource provides local governments with a user-friendly framework to quantify, monitor and manage GHG emissions generated at the local level. The tool is based on the methodology of the PCP program, which distinguishes between two types of GHG inventories, each with its own emission sources and activity sectors. The corporate GHG inventory is designed to capture GHG emissions attributable to the local government's operations and services, including buildings and facilities, fleet vehicles, streetlights and traffic signals, water and wastewater infrastructure, and solid waste. The community-scale GHG inventory, in contrast, captures GHG emissions generated by activities within the community as a whole. The key reporting sectors within the community GHG inventory are residential, commercial and institutional, industrial, on-road transportation, and community solid waste. For more information on GHG accounting and reporting standards, including GHG inventory protocols, please visit the Mitigation section of the ICLEI Canada website.

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