Despite genuine efforts to mitigate, adapting to climate change is the new reality. Many communities are at the center of this reality and are developing responses to protect their citizens, their infrastructure, and their economies from the changes that are already underway. As a leader and authority in the field of climate change adaptation, ICLEI’s expertise and understanding of the unique needs of municipalities has led to a comprehensive adaptation program that assists communities in all areas of the adaptation planning process. Check out our Adaptation Program to find out more about how ICLEI can help your municipality adapt to climate change.


Climate change is already being felt in communities across the country. Average temperatures are rising, snow and ice cover are declining, and there is a growing incidence of natural disasters, such as storms, wildfires and floods. If left unchecked, the impacts of further warming on human and environmental systems will be profound. Fortunately, there is a growing movement of local and regional governments that is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and acting on climate change. ICLEI has over 20 years experience supporting local governments in their efforts to manage energy consumption, curb waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Commonly, biodiversity conservation and protection has been viewed as the domain and responsibility of national governments; however, cities are driving action from the bottom up through locally tailored initiatives and meaningful partnerships. Community-driven action are taking global movements and brining them to the local level; offering many opportunities and innovative solutions for reintegrating nature back into cities. Learn more about our biodiversity projects, and how we are bringing this global issue to your community.