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Become part of a national program focused on resilience and adaptation! The Building Adaptive & Resilient Communities (BARC) Program offers a comprehensive way to respond to the impacts of climate change, develop and implement an adaptation plan, and protect the people, property, and prosperity of your community. Our online tool, expert staff, and over 20 years of experience in the field of municipal governance will give you the know-how needed to respond to the impacts of a changing climate. Work with ICLEI to make the Program work for you!



Why Join?

  • Build internal capacity and work collaboratively
  • Prepare for more costly and extreme weather events
  • Collaborate with peers in other municipalities
  • Gain access to innovative tools and resources
  • Use the online BARC Tool to streamline efforts
  • Receive support with ICLEI's proven adaptation framework
  • Network with practitioners and experts
  • Foster and enhance stakeholder engagement
  • Make informed decisions and improve resilience

All BARC Members benefit from the following core services:

Dedicated ICLEI liaison: Access to ICLEI staff for consultation, technical support, and expert guidance on all things adaptation.
Full and unlimited access to the BARC Tool: Take advantage of this dynamic online platform and to record all of your impacts, assessments, and actions to use in your adaptation planning.
Research assistance: ICLEI staff will identify preliminary climate change impacts for your community and best management practices.
Expert input: ICLEI will deliver to tools to carry out a comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessments as part of your planning process.
Planning guidance: Discover ways to set adaptation objectives and targets, create adaptation actions, and draft an adaptation plan. Learn more about ICLEI's Adaptation Methodology here.
Implementation assistance: Identify implementation solutions and corresponding monitoring and evaluation indicators.
Progress Reports and Check-Ins: ICLEI will stay in touch via Progress Reports, set goals and deadlines with you, and will help keep things on time and on schedule. 
Stakeholder outreach: Gain access to basic facilitation and communication help to increase stakeholder outreach and engagement.
Public recognition: Celebrate your accomplishments with awards and communication materials at the completion of each Milestone to share with your community.
Join a growing movement: Gain inside access to the BARC Network and engage with colleagues from a wide spectrum of communities.

* ICLEI Members will receive a 20% discount. Discounted rates for regional participation may be considered.


Optional Program Add-Ons

Whether you're just starting out or building on existing actions, this program can be tailored to work for you. Choose optional packages to create a suite of services that are right for your community!

Tier One Packages:

Communication ($5,000)
Facilitation ($5,000) Graphic Design ($5,000)
  • Communication and outreach training session(s)
  • Development of a communication plan to maintain support in the adaptation planning process and ensure successful implementation
  • Support in using ICLEI’s resiliency games for community events, meetings, or other outreach
  • Customized workshop materials, activities, and speaking points
  • Training in facilitating internal and external meetings/workshops and documenting associated outcomes 
  • Support in developing and implementing a gamification workshop with up to 30 stakeholders
  • Customized graphic design elements (e.g. infographics, logos, and branding)
  • Fully designed and laid-out Adaptation Plan
  • Customized dissemination/outreach materials (e.g. flyers, leaflets, websites, presentations)


Tier Two Packages:

Research ($7,500)
Professional Development ($7,500) Economic Development ($10,000)
  • Targeted and downscaled climate data (where available)
  • Customized list of climate change impacts in a specific sector
  • Tailored research report on climate adaptation subject of concern in community (e.g. legal liability, insurance risk, health impacts)
  • Annotated bibliography of relevant resources (based on participant needs and preferences)
  • Targeted workshop (incl. materials) to be delivered by ICLEI staff in your community on topics such as assessing climate risk and vulnerability, best practices in action planning, or implementation training
  • Additional travel support to attend national or international event(s) (e.g. Resilient Cities, Adaptation Futures, or Livable Cities Forum)
  • Identification of other professional development opportunities such as conferences, study tours, or online courses.

Please note: The price of this package is subject to change based on fluctuating travel costs

  • Consultation and assessment of resiliency options (i.e. infrastructure improvements, utility and facilities changes, emergency preparedness and services) and the associated local economic development potential 
  • Identification and evaluation of resilience measures through a facilitated market research, design, and place branding process.
  • Facilitated discussion with key stakeholders on how the resiliency planning can align with existing planning and local economic development processes.
Tool Add-on ($7,500) PIEVC Engineering ($10,000)
  • Customization of any BARC worksheet and resource to participant context (e.g. integration of corporate risk assessment framework into the BARC process)
  • Customized reports with targeted feedback and recommendations on progress and next steps- produced in both MS Word and abbreviated in PowerPoint
  • Integration of Engineers Canada PIEVC infrastructure risk assessments via a tailored in-community workshop
  • Support from both BARC Liaison and also Engineers Canada in coalescing broad adaptation planning and specific engineering assessments for the most robust resilience planning effort


Don't see the package you're looking for? Call us to create a customized package!

Please contact Christina Schwantes at christina.schwantes@iclei.org or 647-728-4395.


We are very pleased to welcome our newest BARC Member the Region of Waterloo!

The first round of the Program was launched in the fall of 2010, as the "Adaptation Initiative". This group of communities continues to grow as we happily welcome new participants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please send any questions to Christina Schwantes at christina.schwantes@iclei.org or call 647-728-4395.

Growing out of our Adaptation Initiative, the Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities Program (or BARC Program) uses the lessons learned from the Initiative and applies them to a new, long-term program.The BARC Program offers improved services from the Initiative and mirrors traditional consulting process that municipalities engage in, joining the program is like having personal advisors at your finger tips.
There is no set  length of the BARC process, municipalities can move through the Milestones at their own pace. However, to be a part of the Program, there is a minimum two year commitment.
Yes. ICLEI members will receive a 20% discount on the annual fees. Please visit our Membership page to learn more about joining ICLEI and qualifying for a BARC Program discount. 
You can become an ICLEI member by filling out an application form (available online here). Full Membership in ICLEI is offered to local governments and associations of local governments. Membership rates are based upon the population of the local government and its gross national income. The payment of dues is made on an annual basis. Apply now!
The BARC Program has been designed to allow flexibility - resources and time needed will differ from community to community, depending on populations, budgets and other local variables. The amount of time dedicated to the BARC Program on the part of the participant will dictate how quickly a municipality will progress through their adaptation planning and implementation process.
No, this is not a requirement. While it would be beneficial to have a staff person dedicated to the BARC Program, many municipalities are incorporating the Program as part of a broader workload with good success.
The BARC Program follows a flexible framework which can be tailored specifically to your community. ICLEI will work with you and your community to create an approach that satisfies the requirements of the Program while accommodating the timelines, planning cycles, desired deliverables, and circumstances of your community. You will establish a plan of action for your communitiy during your consultation call.
No, there is no population requirement. Municipalities of all sizes are welcome to join the BARC Program. Members of the Program range in size from under 10,000 to more than 2.5 million. Each municipality can tailor their participation to suit their needs. Speak to an ICLEI staff member to find out more.
No. Your municipality can join at any time.
Invoices are processed a minimum of one-month in advance of your start date and payments will be due within 60 days.
Christina Schwantes, Adaptation and Resilience Planner | christina.schwantes@iclei.org | 647-728-4395

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