Local Governments and Biodiversity Management

Biodiversity considerations should be the business of everyone committed to building more sustainable cities. With the majority of the world's people now living in cities, it's time to ask how our urban areas can become more sustainable and more resilient. Part of the answer is by successfully integrating biodiversity into planing and management.

When we consider all the benefits that urban biodiversity provides our day-to-day lives, it becomes very clear that nature plays a foundational role in supporting all elements of a sustainable city; fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, healthy food to eat and materials for shelter. There is a shared respoibility among decision-makers to provide services through infrastructure, programs, and biodiversity protection.

In many ways, that is being at the local level. Communities are joining the growing movement to bringing nature back into cities and reintegrating natural systems and services into the urban landscape. This is happening with urban planning, transportation, energy production, recreation, waste management, health and wellbeing, and so on. What all these collective efforts show is a new way for city building that makes biodiversity not only an integral part of how communities grow, but also localizes global movements to safeguard natural habitats and species at all scales of the map.




Capacity Building for Local Action

Capacity building is at the core of our biodiversity work to empower the local level with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to integrate biodiversity management into their sustainability planning. Our approach follows a 3-pronged methodology:


We continuously highlight the achievements of local governments in the field of biodiversity conservation and management by sharing best practices through case studies, webinars, presentations, and informational packages.


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We help to create platforms to exchange experiences, challenges and opportunities communities face on a day-to-day basis. By developing conferences, sessions, and workshops, we bring together key stakeholders and offer networking and engagement opportunities.


Have you been to one of our events?

Biodiversity in the City Workshop

Resource Development

We are connected to the international environmental community and are able to develop hands-on, comprehensive resources tailored to Canadian local governments and practitioners.


Check our the latest biodiversity resources:

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Contact information:

Nicole Marzok, Biodiversity Project Coorinator