• Biodiversity Infographic Collection
    Biodiversity Infographic Collection
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What is it?

Visual graphics have become a powerful tool in recent years. ICLEI will be producing a series of biodiversity themed infographics as part of the Local Action Infographic Series. The biodiversity graphics will address the importance of cities and biodiversity action at the local level. From the need for dynamic conservation projects to the value of ecosystems in Canada, we offer the need-to-know facts about biodiversity practices in Canada and internationally.

Included in the series

Biodiversity: Conservation Starts at the Local Level

Cities now occupy 3% of the earth’s land surface, hold 50% of our population, and consume 75% of all natural resources. All of these pressures put the world’s biodiversity at risk. But cities large and small are both the problem and the solution. Local leaders are recognizing biodiversity’s vital role in sustainable development and its contribution to human wellbeing. Check out Biodiversity: Conservation Starts at the Local Level and find out more about why cities must drive action from the bottom up.





Green Machines: Case Studies of Cities Full of Life

"Green Machines: Case Studies of Cities Full of Life" is our latest biodiversity infographic. Here you'll discover some case studies that highlight unique and innovative examples of how cities are: a place for urban biodiversity, connect spaces, and foster meaningful partnerships. Get a sneak peek into community driven projects that are working to raise awareness on biodiversity and protect valuable species and ecosystems.