• Making Strides on Community Adaptation
    Making Strides on Community Adaptation
    Bridging the Implementation Gap

The purpose of the Making Strides on Community Adaptation Project was to bridge the gap between planning and implementation by increasing the uptake of existing implementation-related resources.  The project included a series of interviews and surveys with local governments and adaptation practitioners designed to assess the status of implementation in Canada.  Recognizing that there is a growing implementation gap among Canadian municipalities, ICLEI Canada established seven recommendations and case study examples of accessible strategies designed to address common constraints to implementing adaptation actions.

The  project also included the creation of several "Abridged Resources," which serve as an “at-a-glance” synopses of existing implementation related documents and are designed to help end-users judge to what degree the resource is appropriate for them.  These can be found attached to the Final Report, and also on the newly updated Adaptation Library! 


Download the Making Strides Report.