• ICLEI Canada's 2012 Year in Review!
    ICLEI's Year in Review Highlights Reel
    2012 was a busy year!


As a new year begins, we wanted to share some of our biggest 2012 news in this highlights reel!




New Look, New Website

Have you had a chance to visit our new website?  It is full of the latest news, resources and tools related to municipal sustainability.  The visual appeal and ease of navigation will transport you through the site with pleasure!



Introducing the New PCP Milestone Tool

We are proud to announce the developed of a new online resource to support members of the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program. As members work through key program milestones, the Tool offers local governments a user-friendly framework to quantify, monitor and manage GHG emissions generated at the local level. Check it out and let us know what you think!



PCP Program Achievements

The PCP program continues to grow and expand, engaging municipalities, small and large, across the country. In 2012, PCP welcomed 21 new municipalities to the program. New milestones were awarded to 19 municipalities, six of which achieved Milestone Five--the final milestone in the PCP program! Congratulations, members!



Adaptation Initiative Graduates

Over the past year, municipal participants from Victoria to Fredericton to Iqaluit have been taking part in our Adaptation Initiative program. These municipalities have made significant strides in identifying and planning for climate change impacts. The cities of Vancouver and Windsor have led the way, becoming the first municipalities to develop municipal adaptation plans. Best of luck to all our ‘graduates’  and we look forward to watching your progress.



Success of our Second Livable Cities Forum

A big thank you to everyone who attended the 2012 Livable Cities Forum: Creating Adaptive and Resilient Communities! This Forum connected nearly 200 delegates from across Canada and the United States to discuss climate change adaptation. Engaging speakers provided an overview of the importance and relevance of preparing for climate change at the local level and demonstrated the wealth of adaptation expertise that exists in Canada. Find out more about the Forum, with full access to the program, speaker bio’s and presentation slides.



Resources Launched Throughout 2012

This has been a big year for resource development at ICLEI Canada! Infographics have emerged as a great visual tool for highlighting key issues, and the collection available on our website offers you the need-to-know facts about sustainability issues like Biodiversity Management. From infographics to guidebooks on communicating climate change to our popular Adaptation Nexus Series; we have a suite of resources for you to check out. 



Membership Update

We are very pleased to welcome our newest, northernmost Ontario, ICLEI Member, the City of Thunder Bay! By joining ICLEI, Thunder Bay is now part of the world's leading association of cities and local governments dedicated to sustainable development. We are thrilled to say that Thunder Bay is also participating in ICLEI Canada’s flagship adaptation program, the Adaptation Initiative. Interested in becoming an ICLEI member? Find out more here.



Innovative Research Partnerships

2012 saw the start of an innovative research partnership with the University of Waterloo's School of Enterprise, Environment, and Development to learn more about how Canadian municipalities are implementing their community sustainability plans.  Together we’ll improve our understanding of how the management of community sustainability plans can influence outcomes.   Share your experience.



ICLEI’s Popular Webinar Series

In 2012 we launched our new In Session Webinar Series.  It offers highly-relevant, expert-led presentations on many subject areas relevant to municipal sustainability practitioners.   Stay informed and engaged from the comfort of your desktop!



Global Leadership

And finally, we bid adieu to 2012 with a major change in ICLEI’s global leadership.  A warm Canadian welcome to our new global Secretary General, Gino Van Begin.