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Thank you to everyone who attended Biodiversity in the City! As you can see from the image above - you had lots to say about biodiversity! 

Your input and enthusiasm helped make this event a real success!  Through presentations and round-table discussions, participants had the opportunity to explore how municipalities and community members define, assess and manage local biodiversity. 
At the workshop, ICLEI announced the biodiversity guidebook project, supported by the Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network, Environment Canada, and Toronto and Region Conservation. This was also our first consultation for the guidebook, giving participants the opportunity to delve deeper into the role of municipalities in managing local biodiversity and developing a biodiversity plan. 
You can now download the final report, complete with a summary of each presentation (download full presentations below) and highlights from the round table discussions. Get to know the main themes covered throughout the day and why we are talking about biodiversity!



Ewa Jackson, Manager, ICLEI Canada
Andreas Link, Senior Economist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Joshua Wise, Greenway Program Coordinator, Ontario Nature
Meaghan Eastwood, Terrestrial Ecologist, Toronto and Region Conservation
Lionel Normand, Terrestrial Biologist, Toronto and Region Conservation
Nicole Marzok, Project Coordinator, ICLEI Canada
The findings from the workshop will help us develop resources for municipalities on biodiversity management.  ICLEI is currently working towards the development of a biodiversity management guidebook for Canadian municipalities.
For this project, we are working on the following:
  • Biodiversity Primer: WHY should local governments focus on local biodiversity and WHAT are the key biodiversity issues 
  • Guidebook: HOW can municipalities develop a local biodiversity plan with a step-by-step milestones framework
  • Worksheets and Tools: HOW-TO operationalize the guidebook methodology and mainstream biodiversity management within your organization
If you are interested in knowing more about this project, please don't hesitate to contact us:
Ewa Jackson, Manager: ewa(dot)jackson(at)iclei(dot)org
Nicole Marzok, Project Coordinator: nicole(dot)marzok(at)iclei(dot)org
  • Stay tuned for upcoming In Session webinars on biodiversity
  • Download the new case study Cities and Biodiversity: Exploring how Edmonton and Montréal are Mainstreaming the Urban Biodiversity Movement
  • Stay in touch to learn more about our biodiversity program











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Thank you to all our partners for helping make this workshop possible:

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