• Adaptation Measures Reporting
    Adaptation Measures Reporting
    Quantifying our Efforts

All across the country, local governments are implementing innovative adaptation measures to help combat some of the unavoidable impacts of climate change. In an effort to recognize these actions, ICLEI Canada has established an ongoing collection process to capture as many of the adaptation measures that have been implemented in communities across the country as possible. Our efforts in 2012 reflect the first significant look at the state and breadth of adaptation actions in Canadian municipalities.


What are adaptation measures?

Adaptation Measures are any actions taken that increase a municipality’s built, social, or natural capacities to better withstand the impacts of climate change.


Why should your community get involved?

The Adaptation Measures reporting process has several functions:

  • It can encourage further action by offering municipalities the opportunity to learn from their peers across the country.
  • It showcases the municipal role in climate change adaptation to funders, sectors, and other orders of government.
  • It is a way for municipalities to catalogue their adaptation efforts and leverage support and funding from Council and senior management.
  • It will allow ICLEI to take a more rigorous role in the research, promotion and delivery of municipal adaptation actions and technical expertise and will help us facilitate adaptation knowledge exchange between municipalities.


Do these actions have to be explicitly targeted at climate change?

No. In fact, many measures may have been implemented without climate change in mind (i.e. downspout disconnect programs) but they nonetheless increase a municipality’s adaptive capacity. We want to capture any and all actions which have a positive impact on a municipality’s ability to adapt to a changing climate. Actions may be driven by a wide range of other municipal priorities, such as emergency preparedness, naturalization, and broader sustainability and greening efforts, and can emerge from all sectors, departments and business units within the municipality.


Click here to view the presentation on ICLEI's 2012 adaptation measures reporting, Highlighting Adaptation Initiatives in Canadian Communities, given at the 2012 Livable Cities Forum in Hamilton, Ontario.



If you would like to learn more about how to submit adaptation measures for future reporting, please contact holly.vaughan@iclei.org.