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Financing tools for local climate action

On the Money: Financing Tools for Local Climate Action

One of the newest additions to the PCP program is the develop of a knowledge enhancement resource each year drawn from applied research within our network. The first project of this kind is On the Money: Financing Tools for Local Climate Action which highlights six financial tools that have the potential to fund the climate actions necessary to meet ambitious national and international emission targets. The tools explored in this report are group purchasing, community-owned power, local improvement charges, energy performance contracts, green revolving funds and green bonds. The resource was researched and written by ICLEI Canada, and produced by the ICLEI and FCM PCP partnership.

Photos: Electric Towers Under Blue Sky by Pixabay on pexels; Black Calculator Near Ballpoint Pen on White Printed Paper by Pixabay on pexels.

Also available in: Français (French)