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Building to Net-Zero Project

Building to Net-Zero Project

Supporting small to mid-sized municipalities in the adoption of building energy performance frameworks aligned with national model energy codes.

Local governments across Canada are adopting ambitious high-performance and net-zero-ready building energy frameworks. This is a crucial component of local climate action as the building sector is a substantial contributor of national greenhouse gas emissions. While adopting building energy performance frameworks presents challenges for any municipality, smaller, rural, and Northern municipalities face heightened barriers and constraints. With this in mind, the Building to Net-Zero (BNZ) project aims to support small to mid-sized municipalities by building local capacity and helping to overcome barriers along these municipalities’ journey to a net-zero future.

Learn More about the BNZ Project

Watch a replay of the May 14, 2024 Building to Net-Zero Cohort: Information and Q&A Webinar to learn more about BNZ project goals, phases, and timelines. You will also learn what to expect from the BNZ Cohort, how to apply to become a Cohort member, and listen in on an insightful Q&A session.

About the Project

BNZ is a four-year training and capacity-building project designed to support municipalities in the adoption of building energy performance frameworks. BNZ will support framework adoption aligned with the National Energy Code for Buildings, the National Building Code of Canada 2020, and will also help prepare for other high performance buildings codes, including Alterations to Existing Buildings (AEB) and upcoming net-zero emissions codes. Through the BNZ project, municipalities, community partners, and industry experts will work collaboratively to identify and overcome municipalities’ unique adoption challenges, outlining a clear pathway towards net-zero building energy.

BNZ Collaboration Cohort

The BNZ Cohort is a training and capacity-building program designed to help 12-15 municipalities adopt building energy performance frameworks for new and/or existing buildings. Framework development will include flexibility that reflects varying regional and jurisdictional contexts across Canada. Through the BNZ Cohort, municipalities will participate in one-to-one meetings, group sessions, and will have access to guidance from subject-area experts and leaders in advancing high energy performance buildings. Cohort members will work collaboratively with ICLEI Canada to identify needs, barriers, and capacity gaps that will inform the development of tailored resources, including a building energy performance roadmap that will outline a clear path towards net-zero buildings. Ultimately, Cohort members will identify challenges and devise strategies to tackle them head-on with support from ICLEI staff.

Important update! We have updated the project FAQs and extended the application deadline (now Friday, June 14, 2024) to allow joint applications for groups of municipalities that would use the same building energy performance roadmap.

Interested in Joining the BNZ Cohort?

Is your small or mid-sized municipality working to adopt an energy and building performance framework that aligns with national model energy codes? If you could use some support on this journey, we invite you to join the BNZ Cohort. Download the BNZ Cohort Project Brochure to learn more. 

(Updated May 30, 2024) 

Apply to the BNZ Cohort

Once you are ready to apply, download and submit the BNZ Cohort Application Form. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm ET June 14, 2024. Please be sure to download and read the BNZ Cohort Project Brochure before applying. The Project Brochure provides important information and FAQs about the project, who is eligible to apply, and how to apply.

BNZ Community of Practice

As part of the BNZ project, a Canada-wide BNZ Community of Practice (CoP) will be established to support the broader adoption of building performance frameworks in municipalities across the country. Cohort members along with municipal staff, subject matter experts, industry leaders, and other professionals working in the net-zero building space will have the opportunity to participate in CoP activities. These will include trainings, workshops, and peer-to-peer networking, all of which will be informed by and/or complement BNZ Cohort activities. The resources and deliverables created through the BNZ Cohort will also be disseminated through the CoP.  

BNZ Advisory Committee

The BNZ Advisory Committee consist of subject matter experts and leaders in advancing high energy performance buildings. The Advisory Committee will provide guidance, insights, advice, and feedback to support Cohort members and ensure the BNZ project remains relevant and connected to ongoing market and industry developments.

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