The “Canada in a Changing Climate: National Issues Report” was released on June 28, 2021. It provides a national perspective on how climate change is impacting our communities, environment and economy, and highlights examples of how we are adapting. The report is a product of Canada in a Changing Climate: Advancing our Knowledge for Action, Canada’s national assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation. The National Issues Report focuses on themes of national importance that benefit from an integrated cross-Canada perspective.

Within the National Issues Report, two chapters speak to the resilience of our people and society, Cities and Towns and Rural and Remote Communities, present the key vulnerabilities, risks and challenges; new and innovative approaches to adaptation; Indigenous knowledge and perspectives; and existing knowledge gaps for Canadian communities.

At this webinar, you will hear directly from the authors who will summarize and present some of the key findings of these chapters, specifically as they relate to decision-making in Canadian communities. Next, there will be a walk-through the of new Map of Adaptation Actions highlighting actions from across Canada. Following the presentations, we will launch into a panel discussion with the authors, and representatives from two Canadian communities: the District of Tofino and the City of Toronto on how to continue advancing adaptation and resilience across Canada, how to use the National Issues Report to support decision-making, why this type of information is useful to municipalities, and how municipalities can advance adaptation locally.

Speakers include:
Craig Brown, Vancouver Coastal Health
Kelly Vodden, Memorial University
Valerie Coté, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Fraser Work, District of Tofino
David MacLeod, City of Toronto
Ewa Jackson, ICLEI Canada (moderator)

Join us at the official webinar of the Cities and Towns and the Rural and Remote Communities chapters of Natural Resources Canada’s National Issues Report.

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