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Changing climate, changing communities

Guide and workbook for municipal climate adaptation

Changing Climate, Changing Communities: Guide and Workbook for Municipal Climate Adaptation

The Changing Climate, Changing Communities Guide and Workbook is a milestone based framework to assist local governments in the creation of adaptation plans to address the relevant climate change impacts associated with their communities. Although climate change adaptation is a complex process, this guide is the first of its kind to provide a straightforward methodology to adaptation planning using a five-milestone approach. Each milestone represents a fundamental step in the adaptation planning process, starting with the initiation of adaptation efforts (by building an adaptation team and identifying local stakeholders) and culminating with a monitoring and review process that analyzes the successes and reviews the challenges of the adaptation plan and its implementation. Changing Climate, Changing Communities is a compendium of three distinct elements: a main guide, a workbook for practitioners, and a set of information annexes.

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Also available in: Français (French)