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Changing climate, changing communities

Guide and workbook for municipal climate adaptation

Changing Climate, Changing Communities: Guide and Workbook for Municipal Climate Adaptation

The Changing Climate, Changing Communities Guide and Workbook is a milestone based framework to assist local governments in the creation of adaptation plans to address the relevant climate change impacts associated with their communities. Although climate change adaptation is a complex process, this guide is the first of its kind to provide a straightforward methodology to adaptation planning using a five-milestone approach. Each milestone represents a fundamental step in the adaptation planning process, starting with the initiation of adaptation efforts (by building an adaptation team and identifying local stakeholders) and culminating with a monitoring and review process that analyzes the successes and reviews the challenges of the adaptation plan and its implementation. Changing Climate, Changing Communities is a compendium of three distinct elements: a main guide, a workbook for practitioners, and a set of information annexes.

About BARC

Many will know BARC as a national capacity building program for municipalities focused on adaptation and resilience. Well over 100 Canadian municipalities, large and small, have used BARC’s framework, tools and resources to guide their adaptation and resilience building efforts. However, BARC has grown to become much more than a program. BARC is the window through which ICLEI engages in adaptation and resilience policy development, planning, applied research, resource development, capacity building, networking and much more.

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