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climate change adaptation plan

City of Fredericton

City of Fredericton Climate Change Adaptation Plan (BARC Program)

Through the Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities (BARC) Program we worked with the City of Fredericton in completing Milestones 1 and 2 of the Program. This initiative began by assisting the City in recruiting a 13-person Adaptation Team that would lead the BARC Program initiative locally. The Adaptation Team was made up of individuals from a range of different municipal departments, particularly different types of engineers. We prepared a climate science report for the community, which was used to identify 33 impacts that could affect that City’s built, social, and environmental systems. From there, we assisted the City’s project lead to undertake a corporate vulnerability and risk assessment process with the Adaptation Team. Outputs from this assessment indicated a concern for impacts to trees and natural areas, as well as damages to road infrastructure and City buildings from climate change. Fredericton is currently in the process of completing Milestone 3.

Photos: Winter Weeds by Stephen Downes on flickr; DSC00845 by  松林 Lon flickr