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Climate Communications Workshop in a Box

Climate Communications Workshop in a Box

Use the workshop resources to provide climate communications training.

This “Workshop in a Box” provides everything you need to develop and deliver a climate communications workshop in your community. Resources include:

  • Instructions and facilitator guide
  • PowerPoint slide deck
  • Breakout activity materials
  • Note taking form
  • Participant feedback survey

The workshop itself is designed to equip participants with climate communications insights and tools (e.g., how to frame climate messages, identify target audiences, develop communication strategies etc.) that will ultimately allow them to support local climate action in their day-to-day work.

(Zip file)

Additional resources from the Agents of Change project

Agents of Change Reflections: Lessons Learned by Participating Communities

The Agents of Change Project was a learning journey for all. Read case studies from the participating municipalities to discover how ten unique volunteer engagement programs were developed to work towards net-zero and climate resilience, and what lessons were learned along the way.

Municipal Climate Volunteer Training and Skills Development Guide

Design, organize, and deliver climate action volunteer training in your community. This guide is a tool that can be used to work through logistics and considerations of planning and running volunteer training. It includes questions to conceptualize climate action training, key tasks and checklists, as well as tips on delivering and facilitating a successful training. This resource was created based on current best practices and lessons learned from participants of the Agents of Change project.

Agents of Change Project Reflections and Resources Webinar

In this webinar, select participants talked about the climate engagement volunteer programs they built as part of the Agents of Change project, shared reflections, and answered questions while ICLEI Canada staff provided an overview of the project and talked about how to use Agents of Change resources. Watch the webinar replay and download the presentations.

These resources were developed as part of the Agents of Change project with the financial support of the Government of Canada. We would also like to acknowledge those who generously shared their time and knowledge to help shape the resources.

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