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GHG Inventory and Emission Reduction Strategy

district of muskoka

Municipality of the District of Muskoka GHG Inventory and Reduction Strategy

In early 2020, ICLEI-Canada and LURA Consulting started work on the District of Muskoka’s GHG Inventory and Emission Reduction Strategy. The project aims to develop a robust and industry-leading emission inventory for the District that will uncover opportunities for greater energy efficiency and address the community’s climate priorities. The work will involve data collection, analysis, consultation with stakeholders and community members, along with a final report outlining the emission reduction strategies to be undertaken. The project will incorporate the completion of the first three milestones of the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program.  

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Photos: Aerial view of cottage in autumn colors forest by blue lake in rural Finland by nblex (Adobe Stock); Panorama of beautiful sunrise over lake by kwasny221 (Adobe Stock)