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Making strides on community adaptation

Making Strides on Community Adaptation

The Making Strides on Community Adaptation Project worked to bridge the gap between planning and implementation by increasing the uptake of existing implementation-related resources. Through cross-Canada workshops, interviews, and surveys, we identified some of the most common constraints facing municipalities during the implementation phase, including lack of human and financial resources, lack of political buy-in, and difficulty accessing relevant resources and best practice documentation.

In response, we developed a set of recommendations to support effective implementation of adaptation actions in municipalities. These recommendations are attainable, low-cost, and straightforward strategies that can bolster the planning process and increase the likelihood of long-term success moving from planning to implementation. We also scanned 400 adaptation-related resources and selected ten implementation-related resources best suited to support the constraints identified. Abridged versions of these resources were created to assist with accessibility and uptake. Each abridged resource is designed to allow end-users to “experience” the resource and whether it is beneficial for them to research further.

Photos: Minto Bridge, Ottawa by Joanne Clifford on flickr; ICLEI Canada