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making strides on community adaptation

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Making Strides on Community Adaptation: Abridged Resources

The Making Strides on Community Adaptation Project worked to bridge the gap between planning and implementation by increasing the uptake of existing implementation-related resources. Through workshops in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia as well as a survey conducted with local governments and interviews with local practitioners, we identified some of the common barriers and constraints facing municipalities during the implementation phase. According to ICLEI’s survey, 75% of respondents believe that better access to implementation-related resources would enhance their ability to implement adaptation actions. As part of the Project, ICLEI wanted to help municipalities maintain their momentum from planning to action by facilitating the guided use of implementation resources through the development of ‘abridged versions’ of larger resources. Produced by ICLEI Canada and the Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT), the abridged resources serve as “at-a-glance” synopses of existing implementation related documents and are designed to help end-users judge to what degree the resource is appropriate for them. ICLEI selected ten resources that best support various implementation activities, including communication guides, land use planning guides, detailed case studies, infrastructure financing, and more. The abridged resources help key implementation information get into the hands of more users working on implementation in their community.

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Photos: Reeds and Reflections Lake Huron by J Van Cise flickr; ICLEI Canada