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Net-Zero Action Research Partnership

Net-Zero Action Research Partnership

The Municipal Net-Zero Action Research Partnership (N-ZAP) is a collaboration between three project leads: the University of Waterloo, ICLEI Canada and FCM’s Green Municipal Fund as well as 11 external academic partners, 8 national organizations, and over 13 municipal partners. Over 4 years, we will be collaborating across 5 working groups towards our main goal of supporting Canadian municipalities to monitor, measure, and achieve their greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation goals.

Working Group 1

Determine the current state of GHG emission reduction targets, measurement, monitoring, and planning in Canadian municipalities.

Working Group 2

Advance standardized measurement systems and tools (indicators) that can also be used to identify mitigation opportunities and further social equity.

Working Group 3

Enhance municipal monitoring and disclosure, and integrate net-zero accounting and climate budgets into municipal level decision making to enhance transparency on action and gaps, drive planning to close gaps, and provide accountability.

Working Group 4

Enhance community-wide emissions measuring and monitoring (collaborative governance) and ensure equitable, diverse, and inclusive engagement in climate action, measurement, and monitoring.

Working Group 5

Mobilize knowledge resources and tools to diverse audiences using accessible and inclusive formats.

Get Involved With N-ZAP: Become a Pilot City

N-ZAP is recruiting Canadian municipalities to participate as pilot cities or case study subjects. Interested?

Get your city involved with N-ZAP as we study and create improved methods for how local governments monitor, measure, and reduce local GHG emissions. We are currently recruiting Canadian municipalities to participate as pilot cities or case study subjects. Complete the N-ZAP Pilot City Interest Form to express interest in becoming a pilot city and stay in touch.

N-ZAP is a research partnership funded by the Government of Canada through the Climate Action and Awareness Fund (CAAF) and jointly led by the University of Waterloo, FCM’s Green Municipal Fund (FCM) and ICLEI Canada, working with 11 other academic institutions, and 8 national organizations and 13 municipal partners. It is one of 24 projects supported by the Government of Canada through the Climate Action and Awareness Fund that will advance science and technology to combat climate change. These projects will strengthen Canada’s science capacity to identify, accelerate, and evaluate actions toward achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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