Creating an Electric Vehicle Ready City: Let’s talk strategies!

PCP webinar

PCP WEBINAR: Creating an Electric Vehicle Ready City – Let’s talk strategies!

From charging infrastructure to building with EV readiness in mind, implementing strategies to encourage low and zero emission vehicle adoption will be a critical part of creating a low-carbon transportation sector. With the federal government’s goal of reaching 100 percent zero-emission, light-duty vehicles sales by 2040 and a new administration moving low-carbon transportation forward in the US, the EV landscape is evolving. Join us for a free PCP webinar and hear about what’s working, where the market is heading, and how your municipality can go further to encourage low and zero-emission vehicles in your community.


Sean Hart, Vice-President, EV Society

Tim Burrows, Mississauga Chapter & Webinar Lead, EV Society

Larisa Lensink, Environmental Sustainability Specialist, City of North Vancouver

Kevin Boutilier, Clean Energy Specialist, City of Halifax

Amber Wenkworth, Manager, Education & Environmental Performance, City of Saskatoon

Dale Braun, Manager, Maintenance, Fleet Services, City of Saskatoon

April 27, 2021 at 2:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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