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Resiliency cards

Resiliency Cards

A take on the age-old trump card style of game, Resiliency Cards aims to show participants that there are a myriad of actions that can be taken to address climate change impacts. While some actions are more effective than others depending on the situation, most actions will be beneficial in some way and in the best case scenario, they will act as a long-term solution. But be careful – some actions can do more harm than good!

This game puts players’ creativity to the test, as the points system is meant to act more as a guideline, encouraging people to talk through their reasoning, and in some cases even giving them the chance to make up their own actions using Wild Cards! With lots of “Did you know?” information, this game is a great way to learn about the impacts of climate change and actions that you can take to prepare, without needing to read a dry pamphlet or textbook! The Resiliency Cards game was created by ICLEI Canada in partnership with The Co-operators.

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Photos: Dices an Wooden Pieces on Game Board by Pixabay on pexels