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Town of Aurora Community Energy Plan

In early 2021, ICLEI-Canada and LURA Consulting completed the Town of Aurora’s Community Energy Plan (CEP). A strong community and stakeholder engagement component informed the plan throughout the planning process and guided the development of achievable and ambitious energy management strategies. The project included modelling of business-as-planned projections for the community’s energy consumption and emissions from the baseline year to 2050. GIS spatial analysis and mapping detailed energy and emission intensity for the whole community, allowing strategies to target both specific sectors and geographical areas. A baseline GHG emissions inventory that satisfies the requirements of the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Protocol and the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GPC) was produced. The actions outlined in the CEP align with the Town’s Corporate Energy Management Plan and its Corporate Environmental Action Plan, and have met the requirements of Milestones 1-3 for community climate planning with the PCP Program.


Photos: Panorama of midtown Toronto at sunset, (Saptashaw, AdobeStock); Sunset in the fall over the suburbs by Mark (no last name, AdobeStock)