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Risks and Vulnerability Assessment

Stratégie de gestion d'enjeux liés aux changements climatiques - Ville de Gatineau

Risks and Vulnerability Assessment Report


In 2019 and 2020, ICLEI Canada collaborated with Ouranos on a risks and vulnerability assessment of the City of Gatineau as part of the adaptation component of the municipality’s Climate Plan, which also includes a GHG mitigation component.

The Vulnerability and Risks Assessment report outlines methodology used and main findings. Several workshops were held with municipal departments to assess the severity of the consequences of 28 future climate hazards (or group of hazards) and their occurrence probability over a 2050 horizon. This exercise subsequently led to the development of impact statements that were then used in workshops assessing the municipality’s vulnerability to various climate hazards. The main adaptation issues are landslides, wildfires, exposure of heritage neighbourhoods and the water treatment plant to flooding, and water infrastructure needing to be adapted to new precipitation patterns.

The Climate Plan is expected to be adopted by the City Council by fall 2021.

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Photo: Aerial View of the City (Gatineau), CC0 Pixabay