LCF provides value that is simply not possible with virtual events.

We have seen the impact face-to-face connection can have on helping advance local climate action time and again. After two years of working remotely throughout the pandemic, we need an opportunity to connect, share knowledge, and have real conversations about climate action and equity now more than ever.

The value of in-person conversations and networking

Over the past 30+ years, we have seen the way face-to-face connection can help build and strengthen support networks, genuine relationships, collaboration, and ultimately advance local climate action. We know that creating a hub for like-minded individuals to broaden their understanding, connect through shared experiences, learn about pressing issues, and create long-lasting connections is vitally important.

LCF 2022 provides a needed and timely space in which people can come together to have meaningful conversations surrounding sustainability and equity, diversity and inclusion. LCF also provides valuable networking opportunities that are simply not possible with virtual events.

Interactive and engaging sessions

As outlined in our LCF 2022 Program, this year’s sessions are uniquely designed as an antidote to the virtual work environment we have all been in for the past 2+ years. We are ensuring that sessions are engaging in a way that would not have been possible via a webinar. These include interactive and engaging workshops, trainings, discussion forums, and many networking and hands-on learning opportunities.

We are also offering the opportunity to explore the beauty of Victoria and the surrounding area and see sustainable design and regional climate projects in action through Sessions on the Move. Participants can choose from a variety of session topics and will include various forms of transportation, including walking, biking, bus, and boat. There will be a local food celebration which will showcase the vitality of Victoria’s food and culture scene on Day 2.

Responsible travel is possible

The LCF 2022 event is being designed with sustainability practices at its core. We recognize the environmental impact of travel, especially air travel, and its counter effect to our sustainability goals. Therefore, the decision to make this year’s forum in person was not taken lightly. We encourage those who will be emitting carbon as part of their transportation to the event consider a carbon offset program to counter balance emissions.

What about COVID?

There are currently no restrictions or indication that restrictions will be placed on organized gatherings and events. That being said, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone attending LCF and are working closely with our partners to ensure that hygiene protocols are in place. We will also offer delegates the option to request social distancing based on personal preference. If any new provincial or federal guidance were to unfold, any related updates would be posted online and emailed to registrants.

A message from Mary W. Rowe, President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute

“Complex urban challenges like climate resilience and post-pandemic recovery require bold solutions that integrate cross-sectoral perspectives from across the country. The Canadian Urban Institute is a proud partner of the Livable Cities Forum—a vibrant event that facilitates robust conversations between leading policymakers, urban professionals and on-the-ground practitioners. By exchanging our innovative ideas and actionable plans, we can all work together to help build more dynamic and equitable cities.”

Join us in Victoria October 3 to 5, 2022

The City of Victoria is located on the homelands of the Songhees and Esquimalt People, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is the capital City of the province of British Columbia and is home to a dynamic, thriving economy and vibrant arts and culture scene, with an unparalleled natural environment enjoyed by residents and visitors. It’s a place where sustainability, health and well-being are the cornerstones of creating a prosperous and inclusive future.

The 2022 Livable Cities Forum will be held at the Victoria Conference Centre — a beautiful venue with the best of the city at its doorstep which delegates will have the opportunity to explore throughout the forum.

Visit to discover this year’s program and learn more about the event, or click the button below to register online.

Do you have questions about the 2022 Livable Cities Forum?

Please view the FAQ page on the LCF website or contact Rena Viehbeck at

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