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Partners for climate protection (pcp) PROTOCOL

Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Protocol

To effectively manage greenhouse gas emissions, local governments must first know how to measure and report them. This report supports municipal practitioners working through the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Protocol. It gives an overview of the protocol and a set of clear accounting and reporting guidelines for completing the first PCP milestone: inventorying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

ICLEI Canada provides guidance and support to local governments on GHG accounting and reporting protocols and standards, including the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories (GPC Protocol).

Read this report to:

  • Learn how to develop GHG inventories and forecasts at the corporate and community levels (Milestone 1 of the PCP Protocol). Creating a GHG inventory is the foundation of a climate change or community energy strategy.
  • Find detailed accounting and quantification guidelines for each of the required reporting sectors, including recommended best practices and alternate approaches.
  • Find out which corporate and community GHG emissions sources must be reported and which ones are optional.

The PCP Protocol is technical in nature, with many complex formulas and calculations. Readers of this guide ideally have some technical background in engineering, math and science, or are comfortable learning new methodological concepts.

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