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Adaptation action case study series

as paRt of the collaborative implementation groups project

Adaptation Action Case Study Series as part of the Collaborative Implementation Groups Project

The Collaborative Implementation Groups (CIG) project brought together 12 municipalities throughout the Great Lakes watershed to identify and implement an adaptation initiative in their community over one year. The CIGs provided a platform for those struggling with implementation to be part of a peer support network that connects municipalities and experts working through the implementation, allowing for the sharing of best practices, lessons learned, and the resulting experiences.To showcase the project and the actions implemented, we created 12 unique case studies which outline the experience of each municipality as they implement their specified initiatives. Each case study tells of the story of how the municipality chose their adaptation initiative, steps they took for implementation, and key ingredients for success such as funding and partnerships. The case studies provide first-hand insight and lessons learned into implementing adaptation actions at the local level. This project was made possible by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, under the Canada-Ontario (COA) Respecting the Great Lakes. Download the case studies below!


  1. City of Barrie – Inflow Reduction Workshop
  2. City of Brampton – Public Engagement Through Existing Faith-Based Organization Network
  3. City of Burlington – Public School Rain Garden
  4. City of Hamilton – Bumpout Stormwater Low Impact Development
  5. City of Peterborough – Developing a Local Improvement Charge
  6. City of Thunder Bay – Developing a Local Climate Change Connection Website
  7. City of Windsor – Creating a Climate Resilient Home
  8. County of Peterborough – Road Patrol Software
  9. Township of Douro-Dummer – Agricultural Community Workshop
  10. Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen – Rotary Park Pond Ecosystem Improvement
  11. Township of Nipigon – Tree Box Filters and Rain Garden
  12. Township of Selwyn – Kawartha Park Road Boat Access Stabilization and Erosion Control

Case study

Photos: Wetland Reflections by J Van Cise on flickr