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building adaptive capacity across canada

The Adaptation Changemakers project trained and supported agents of change for climate adaptation and resilience across Canada. This multi-year training project engaged a wide variety of stakeholders in British Columbia, Ontario, and Newfoundland and Labrador. With technical guidance from ICLEI staff and Regional Experts, participating municipalities have made massive strides in advancing their resilience. 

About the project

We engaged local stakeholders, identified impacts, assessed vulnerabilities and risks, and supported the development of implementation-ready local action plans in eight communities across Canada. Learn more about our approach, our eight participating communities, and lessons we learned throughout the process.

Meet our Changemakers

Over two years, eight municipalities served as the conveners of broader community processes to assess climate risks and vulnerabilities, identify adaptation actions, and set the stage for implementation of short, medium, and long-term resilience initiatives. While the process was built on our Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities (BARC) Framework, each community tailored their climate impacts and actions to reflect the unique fabric of their communities and cross-sectoral implementing partners. 

Our resilient future

What is the future of climate adaptation and resilience building in Canadian municipalities? Are we confident we’re taking the collaborative, community-level action required to build sustainable, healthy and equitable communities that are resilient to the risks posed by a changing climate and more frequent extreme weather? 

We asked thirteen Canadian leaders in climate action what they think. 

Adaptation and resilience planning

Capacity building

Training and workshops

Peer networking

Stakeholder engagement and facilitation

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