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Advancing Adaptation

Climate change resilience training for ontario municipalities

With financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) alongside financial support of the Government of Canada through the federal Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada, ICLEI Canada is working to increase climate change resilience within Ontario municipalities. Over a 10- to 18-month period, ICLEI will engage up to 40 Ontario communities in three different cohorts aimed at building capacity on adaptation assessment, planning, and implementation.

About the Projects

1. The Train-the-Trainer – Risk and Vulnerability Assessment project is intended for local governments that have not yet undertaken any formal adaptation effort. The project will support municipalities in understanding climate projections, how to use and apply climate data and information from various sources, identifying climate impacts, and assessing a community’s vulnerability to climate risks through a collaborative process.

2. The Train-the-Trainer – Adaptation Planning project is intended for local governments that have already undertaken some form of risk or vulnerability assessment processes and will focus on the creation or integration of an adaptation plan/strategy to address the identified risks, with a particular focus on including implementation considerations and monitoring metrics.

3. The Implementation through Collaboration project is intended for local governments that have already identified adaptation actions or solutions. The focus of this project will be supporting the implementation of a community-oriented adaptive action over the course of two-years, and will include financial support and guidance on implementation issues, such as overcoming obstacles, building local support, and identifying performance indicators, etc.

The three projects will run simultaneously as they are meant to target and support communities at various stages of adaptation assessment, planning and implementation. Both of the Train-the-Trainer projects will run from June 2021 – March 2022, and the Implementation project will run from June 2021 – December 2022.

Application Process

Step 1:  Choose which project you would like to apply for and ensure you meet the minimum requirements (provided in Project Brochure)

Step 2: Fill out the appropriate Application Questionnaire

Step 3: Email the completed Application Questionnaire to

ICLEI Canada will send you a confirmation once your application has been received.

We are excited to announce that we were able to secure a small number of additional spots for the Train-the-Trainer: Risk & Vulnerability Assessment and the Train-the-Trainer: Adaptation Planning projects! The deadline for submission to access these limited spots is Friday, July 2, 2021.

Information Session

Have any questions? We hosted an information session to provide more details to prospective participants on our Advancing Adaptation Project.

The information session gives an overview of the project, including the difference between the 3 project streams, eligibility requirements, and benefits of joining. We also spent some time at the end of the session answering questions from prospective participants about the project and the application process. These, and other frequently asked questions have been summarized in this FAQ document.

DATE: May 19, 2021

TIME: 11 AM – 12 PM EDT

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If you have questions about the Advancing Adaptation Project, please contact Jennifer Lotz at

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ICLEI Canada acknowledges that the Advancing Adaptation project is made possible with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) alongside financial support from the Government of  Canada through the federal Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada.

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